In 2014, ONYX began hosting a scholarship competition in 2014 and has granted funds to an Ottawa Township High School and Marquette Academy student each year since. To help fund the program, ONYX hosted an annual 5K run called the Scholarship Scoot. Proceeds from the event contribute to the following year’s competition. With the combined efforts of local individuals and businesses, ONYX has successfully been able to grant over $1000 to each student who wins our essay contest.

Going forward, ONYX is excited to announce that we’ll be changing up our fundraising efforts and no longer putting on the 5K. To raise the funds and continue our scholarship program, we’ll be implementing new fundraising events and methods throughout the year in lieu of solely focusing on one event.

It is our hope to continue the great tradition of helping the next generation of aspiring business people.

Eligible winners of the scholarship must submit an essay that will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. A winner from each high school will be selected and awarded the scholarship in April at their respective school’s award ceremony.

 Results from our final Scholarship Scoot event are displayed below:

2018 ONYX Scholarship Scoot 5k – Overall Results – 07-14-18

2018 ONYX Scholarship Scoot 5k – Age Group Results – 07-14-18


2018 Recipients: Mekena and Tyler